How to Get Clean Drinking Water in Your State

Published on 05-09-2016 09:05:25 PM by ROBERT WESLEY NORMAN

Flint, Michigan. This city has become synonymous with lead poisoning, corroded pipes and dangerous drinking water. But just because Flint grabbed national headlines, doesn't mean it's an isolated incident. Sure. Areas of Michigan have toxic water issues. But there are entire states dealing with equally concerning issues. Top 10 States with the Highest Toxic Releases to its Waterways: Indiana, Texas, Louisiana. Alabama, Virginia, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, and Ohio. As you and many residents of these states may know, the quality of our drinking water supply is questionable and at risk. The reason? Well, it really all comes down to one word: infrastructure. It's a ten-dollar word that describes all the things that make our world work, but we hardly ever think about. This includes our electrical grid, transportation systems, and the pipes that bring water to our homes and faucets. The fact is, our drinking water infrastructure is in bad shape. In 2013, the American Society of Civil Engineers conducted a study and published a "report card" of our nation's infrastructure. They gave our drinking water a "D" grade. That barely passes muster, and it certainly doesn't say "clean and healthy" to me. This "report card" stated that it would take a total $1 trillion in investment to update our water infrastructure. Many city and state governments just can't afford their share of that kind of investment. And we know that Washington is slow and ineffective. This is how situations like the one in Flint get started. Government switches to a cheaper (and contaminated) water supply to save money. The decaying infrastructure makes it worse. People get sick. Updating our infrastructure may cost too much, but what human cost is too much? Enough is enough. It's time to take back control of your own drinking water. At My Patriot Supply, we've developed innovative water filtration systems to help you drink clean water. We offer two popular choices: The AlexaPure Pro and AlexaPure Pro Robert Wesley Norman My Patriot Supply Affiliate

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