Visitor- Who Do You Know With A TV?

Published on 05-12-2016 09:05:23 AM by Myron Mikkelsen

Hello Visitor, How many people do you know with a TV? How many of those have a cable or satellite hook-up? The VStream TV Media Center is a hardware device that converts any TV into a smart TV. When the device is then connected to the internet it allows one to browse the internet and display video content on that TV. It comes preloaded with software that is freely available on the internet with no illegal apps or add-ons. It simply displays content that is freely available on the internet. The data displayed by the device is not recorded, downloaded or captured in any way. 1. The Cable Deregulation: 2. The pay plan overview 3. The recorded webinar at 4. My signup site 5. My retail site 6. Live conference call schedule every Tuesday and Thursday at 9pm EST Online: Phone: (701) 801-1220 Code: 898-601-050 Thank you for your time, Myron Mikkelsen 541-210-4419

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