Totally FREE autoresponder, capture, hosting etc of your very own

Published on 05-12-2016 02:05:49 PM by Makemoney Knotwork

You do know that the very best pages to run on traffic exchanges, safelists, mailers etc are capture pages, right? Squeeze pages that get people to sign up for your list. We give you lists of your very own (up to twelve lists), squeeze pages, traffic, and instructional emails to put your own referral URLs into and send on to your own subscribers to teach them to follow in your footsteps. ALL TOTALLY FREE! These are lists of YOUR OWN, on YOUR OWN totally free autoresponders. You make one list that, like this one of ours, aims at people who don't want to pay anything up front, then go on to make another list, aimed at people who believe "It Takes Money to Make Money", which will be your actual money-making list, because in case you had not figured it out yet catering to freebie-seekers is not the way to build a list that has the money in it! The freebie-seekers list has the traffic in it, and the training to your subscribers to get them active making not just traffic but also money, so that some day they WILL be able to become spenders.

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