Another Site Joins the "No Email" Revolution

Published on 11-25-2020 08:11:40 PM by Leo de Waal

Hi Visitor,

Happening NOW! Your Viral Traffic joins the "No Email" Safelist Revolution!

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The new platform that has caused safelist emails to get TWICE THE CLICKS is spreading. Instead of just sending your emails one way, the new platform multiple methods to make sure that your ad gets seen and clicked by the most number of prospects possible. It borrows technology used on the most successful ad platforms in the world, like Facebook and YouTube, bringing it to the ad exchange world.

You can earn credits in multiple different ways and then use those ad credits to send your ad to our members. Your ad will be delivered to the members using multiple different methods, including email, native advertising, a news feed, and banner ads. Your single ad is distributed EVERYWHERE so your ideal customer cannot miss it!

If you are one of the first 500 new members to join Your Viral Traffic, then you will get a free Supercharged Solo Ad to send to over 25,000 responsive subscribers.

Join Your Viral Traffic now and join the Results Revolution!

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