Less than $30 to get in and commissions for life!

Published on 01-15-2021 03:01:10 PM by David Gardner

Did you read that?

It is less than $30 to get in with us in the new Testimonial Generator...yes you will never be billed again for this (unless you take the upgrade and then you have a second bill and never get billed again!)

The rebills

No hidden fees

No extra things you have to buy to use and benefit from the Testimonial generator (I mean you might want to have your own website and social media accounts obviously though nothing outside of that)

Let's break that $30...that's just $1/day for 30 days and nothing ever again.

You can not beat then when you consider that you can earn commissions for life.

Let's say create your account today and within minutes take action and refer a friend or local business you work with.

Boom!  You get a 25% commission.

Let's say a year from now you refer someone else!

Boom! Another 25% commission...regardless of what the price is that that front end level as long as you have the front end (NOTE: You have to have purchased the upgraded level to earn commissions on the upgraded level and full disclaimer, I will earn commissions if you purchase from me and that is why I want to make it worth your while...see below)

Now I would surely hope it does not take you a full year to make two commissions but my point is that it does not matter when you purchase TMG (hopefully sooner than later) you will earn commissions for LIFE.

Now what if that business you referred told someone else about it.

BOOM! You earn another 25% commission as TMG has a two tiered program.

No, it is not MLM or network marketing, but instead just two tiers.

You can not beat this pricepoint or affiliate potential so come create your account here:


BONUS: To make it worth your while, when you purchase TMG on the front end package at under $30, I am going to hook you up with a vacation stay (Over 50 worldwide destinations to choose from....I cover hotel stay, you cover hotel taxes/fees and travel/food/entertainment etc.)

These vacations are 3-7 nights and are valued up to $1500...all for going in on a one time less than $30 software that all business need to build their reviews and testimonials.

Let's do this!

Dave Gardner

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