Visitor, Ten Bucks in Your Bank TODAY - Test

Published on 03-04-2021 03:03:52 PM by Clinton Clark

Hi Visitor:

This is Clint and I'm sending out this note to test the system, reach, etc.

But, hey, I thought if I was sending out a test message, why not include a bit of a bonus to you for reading it!

Visitor, how would you like $10 in your bank account TODAY for just a few minutes of your time?  (HINT: You could get another $10 for every referral you help grab THEIR $10 today!)

Anyway, thanks for reading this email. I'm just linking to Google in this test message. In future messages I'll have a capture page system (I can share it with you) for the $10 bank give away.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The $10 in your bank today offer is only available to USA residents, sorry about that.

Have a great weekend and send me an email at this link if you (1) are in the USA and (2) Want $10 in your bank account today - clintis at cryptoadincome dot com

Thanks, have a great day and thanks for helping test and review the sending functionality with LAS. Frank Bauer, the new owner, has done a bang up job with the relaunch and upgrades, make sure you use all the features!



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