Super Simple, Super Affordable 1 Dollar Business

Published on 05-14-2021 07:05:04 PM by Sonia Mason

Hey Visitor

Come join our team!

This is how I see our team and what I envision is our goal and mission.


* Join the Team and STAY ACTIVE for $1-a-month!

That's both Easy & Inexpensive!

* Recruit JUST 1 new Dollar-a-Month member every month!

Just use your referral link and the system will do all the work!

What Could Be More Simple?


* $1 dollar-a-month! That's IT!

Affordable for Everyone! Less than 4 cents-a-day!


* In about 1 year, all current members should be earning over $1,000 a month!

And....THAT INCOME will "Continue to GROW!"

* In 18 months, all current members should be able to quit their jobs and be full time marketers.

Surprisingly, this only requires recruiting JUST ONE member each month! Just ONE!!!

Recruiting ONE NEW MEMBER each month is something ANYONE can do.  The system, the ads, the follow-ups and more have been provided. Essentially the full marketing system. All you need to do is to put your referral link under people's noses.

Easy peasy!

In the last 30 days (which actually was our first 30 days) we had over 100 paid member sign-ups - yah, like WOW!

And listen to this...1 member even recruited 21 NEW MEMBERS. Yeah that's right! 21 in 30 days!

See, many persons are doing WAY MORE than 1 member per month. And others are just getting started and need to figure things out a little. But please read on...

Just because this is a $1 Business, you probably think that nothing can be made of it or that it's a total fluke or a scam or something to "diddle around with" or just to get your "whopping $1-a-month!" Well, Visitor, you couldn't be more far from the truth of the matter.

And others like you maybe are skeptical and rightfully so. How can recruiting 1 member per month do all of this?

A potential for $7,000 per month? Well, I want to tell you this is just the beginning.

Just come aboard and experience this.

Sonia Mason

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