5 newbie mistakes you’re making

Published on 01-15-2022 08:01:54 AM by Robert Fraser

Don’t take this personally, but these are the top 5 newbie mistakes:

#1. Thinking ideas are what you need

#2. Too easily distracted

#3. Scouring Facebook and forums for information

#4. Equating learning with earning

#5. Substituting knowledge for action

It's not (all) your fault. There are many “experts” out there telling you how you need to have something, which works, a case study, your own proof of concept etc. However, the truth is far simpler.

You can just forget all of it and promote other people's products instead. I'm talking about making hundreds (and maybe even thousands) of dollars a day just by piggybacking on the success of other people.


Simple... Just copy this simple $1000 a day method, which tons of newbies like you are using to make huge commissions. You can do all of this without having to demonstrate credibility or be an "expert" of any kind. This is something any newbie can do.

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