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Published on 06-20-2022 07:06:12 PM by Frank Bauer

Hi Visitor,

We have a unique Bitcoin Mailer in which you will earn Readers
Reward Pool Shares when you, or those you personally referred,
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You get payments into your Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum or
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You read members' mailings & earn cash profit shares!

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Your personal referrals read messages & you earn cash profit

We offer 11 sizes of Traffic Packages and pay 30% - 80%
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All members earn a minimum of 30% commissions on all
Traffic Package Options (TPO's). Boosted commissions earn
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To earn boosted commissions, you must be purchase and read
boost activated:

Purchase Boost Activated: 👉 Free members get that on TPO 1
and with every purchase, you are purchase boost activated
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Read Boost Activated: 👉 You need to read only 10 messages for

The Traffic Package Options will give you message readers which
allows you to advertise any page you want to promote and are
starting from less than $4!

If you don't like reading: Refer people and you will get 2
days of Read Boost Activation for each direct referral who
joins and receives their first Readers Rewards Profit Share
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Payouts are via Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash,
Uphold, Coupon Connect, or Payeer if the purchase was made
via crypto - with a simple 1 click withdrawal request! 💰

Free to join and advertising can be earned by reading or
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Frank Bauer

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