🌈 The $25 All In One Business That Gives Back

Published on 09-30-2022 11:09:53 AM by Michael Anthony

WHO you affiliate with is just as important as WHAT you affiliate with.

An affiliate marketing company that I recently affiliated with gives back to a charity called 'Feed My Starving Children'.

==>  https://25dollabiz.com

This is important to me because I have given to children's charities and been directly involved in causes for children for many years now.

So I love that a portion of ALL sales, yours and others, goes towards the 'Feed My Starving Children' charity.

If you were to generate a commission through this company, some of that will go towards the charity!

Just one live event the company recently had generated 12,000 days of meals for children!

This company is dedicated to being a part of the solution instead of the problem...and I like that.

Their main product is a quality funnel page builder (like ClickFunnels) that is just $25/mo...and you get a lot more for that as well!

This company puts its money where its mouth is and I decided to join for 2 reasons:

1. High quality products, masterminds & wonderful community
2. Its giving back to a good cause when not many affiliate companies do this

Kudos to them!

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