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Published on 02-02-2023 06:02:04 PM by David Gardner

If you have always brushed off options of a work from home business and team building because you...

1) Were afraid of talking to people
2) You lacked the funding to invest in start up packages
3) Didn't want to keep a ton of product on hand
4) Lacked the resources to make videos
5) ...or any one of a number of reasons

Then you are in Luck!

LiveGood is a new Global MLM in the health and wellness niche and is flipping the model on "requirements" that have traditionally kept people away or potentially quitting earlier than normal.

* No requirement to sponsor anyone (and you can still earn on the forced matrix growth)

**No monthly requirement to purchase a set volume or BV/LV or whatever the companies call it (but obviously if you try the products out you have first hand knowledge of how they taste and how they make you feel

***Super low entry at just $49.95 and then $9.95/month

****Insanely low product pricing compared to others in the industry with the first price listed as the member wholesale price and second price as the customer/retail price.

-Multivitamins (him/her) ($10/$18)
-Magnesium ($9/$18)
-Plant Based protein ($22/$34)
-Super Greens ($18/$30)
-Super Reds ($18/$30)
-CBD Oil (for humans and pets) ($18/$28 and $14/$22 respectively)
-Coffee ($18/$29)
-Essential amino acids ($20/$30)
-Joint and inflammation management ($19/30)
-Energy booster ($18/$28)
-Youth and skin serum ($15/$25)
-more products to come in time

Personally I have ordered two times...The first time arrived in 4 days and again just last night and in the morning I got noticed it was packaged and being shipped out! Talk about amazing service!

I have chatted with people in Ireland, Canada and Australia who have had product make it into the country already and the website is able to change into multiple languages at the click of a button!

This is truly a GLOBAL opportunity that you should consider!

If not for the business, then for the organically certified products that carry a 90 day end of the bottle guarantee!

If you are ready to take a tour...Just Click this link to get going!

Let's do this!

Dave Gardner

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