🌈Finally...A Company That Is Changing Typical and Tired Network Marketing

Published on 02-04-2023 11:02:54 AM by Michael Anthony

Quick question, Visitor

Have you ever joined a network marketing or mlm type of company ever in your life?

If not, then you've heard about them and probably get a bad feeling when someone mentions one, right?

If you have joined one before, then you know the industry, though absolutely legal, hasn't exactly had the best reputation, right?

But why?

Its usually because the products are over priced, marked up many times to pay commissions for the 2% of people who were able to start at, or get to, the top of the compensation plan.

The lowly stiffs at the bottom, the 98%, normally get jack sh!t, except cabinets full of products they are forced to buy and can't actually afford!


⇒ https://mikejanthony.com/live-good-comp-plan/

They just recently launched about 6 months ago, so its still at the very beginning of a literal movement!

They operate in the $4.8 TRILLION health and wellness market, projected to be at $7.6 TRILLION by 2030!

The membership prices for the products are at pricepoints ANYONE can afford with NO auto-ship required!

The company makes money from MEMBERSHIPS on high-quality products you actually want, not highly marked-up products you don't need. (Think Costco!)

That's how they keep the prices low for everyone! I can now see why 1000s per day are joining!

The comp plan structure is a 2x15 forced matrix with matching bonuses, etc...

I made a short video about it!



To your health and wealth,

Mike J Anthony

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