We Share Abundance and the new Stable Stake

Published on 03-13-2023 04:03:30 AM by Gerald Stephens

We Share Abundance and the new Stable Stake

Hi, We Share Abundance has a new program called the Stable Stake.

The new We Share Abundance house plans which are all terrific, the latest of which, Stable Stake, provides staking returns on a Stable Coin, Tether TRC20.

There is only one entry level and it is also the maximum deposit possible which is just $100.

Your returns will be a guaranteed 20% a month, for year one.


a refund of your "Stable Stake" PLUS a refund of your Primary Stake in We Share Abundance (WSA) at the end of year 1; that's a potential $200 extra taking your income for the first 12 months to $440 for a one time $100 stake.

The best is yet to come; your income continues in year 2 at the rate of $50 a month.

You can join WSA below free and learn more about Stable Stake; the link even includes a coupon to give you a paid position in our Easy Business Builder plan.


It's a Win/Win/Win situation.

God bless,


p.s. "In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or step back into safety." ~ Abraham Maslow - 1908-1970 - Psychologist

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