It's not just a's an evolution!

Published on 03-26-2023 03:03:53 PM by David Gardner

We are in the middle of a revolution the evolution continues to happen!

The industry has been messed up the last couple years.  If you have been part of it you know exactly what I am referring to.

  • Jacked up prices
  • Commissions passed up to those way above you for one reason or another
  • Monthly auto-ship requirements on those jacked up prices
  • High attrition rates...people leaving after a few months
  • Low percentages of people getting ranking up

Well, this new Global company is revolting against all of the above and providing an evolution in the marketplace

  1. Prices up to 79% lower than the competition
  2. 6 ways to earn from fast start commissions and even earning if you never recruited another member
  3. No auto-ship...just order if and when you ever order.
  4. Low enrollment fees so people are staying longer
  5. Already 20% of all members have reached the first rank of Bronze by sponsoring at least two people.

I kept seeing the welcome page for this company for weeks before I finally joined on January 26...definitely kicked myself a little for not looking closer at this sooner...but it's still going amazingly well so far.

I have sponsored about 20 people and the whole company is seeing about 1/3 of people who take the tour and pre-enroll have actually upgraded to become a paid member.

Again that is huge in the industry.

Obviously you have to get eyes on the prize right lol!

Over the last weeks I have created a handful of videos that I have uploaded to Youtube which break down a lot of the major questions you might have about a new opportunity:

Or you can just take the tour and get in on the revolution with me here:

Let's do this!

Dave Gardner

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