How does unlimited BTC income for life sound?

Published on 04-18-2024 08:04:06 PM by Frank Bauer

Hi Visitor,

Rune Fjortoft's Instant Bitcoin Profits (IBP) is back
and better than before!

Not only does his Bitcoin Advertising & Income site
allow you to earn unlimited Bitcoin for a one-time,
lifetime purchase of USD 25 in Bitcoin, it also
provides you with 5,000 banner advertising credits
and the ability to earn USD 2.50 in Bitcoin on each of
8 infinity-wide downline levels!

The result: Unlimited BTC income for life!
He used to sell this for USD 50 - now you only pay
a one-time fee of USD 25 in BTC for lifetime access!

How much can you earn? Let's look at a realistic
scenario where you refer two Pro members and
they do the same 8 levels deep...

This would earn you USD 1,275 in BTC!

But why stop there? 3 referring 3 on 8 levels
would earn you USD 24,600 in BTC.

You can stop referring others when you feel
like you earned enough, but even then the
income from your 8 levels downline will continue.

You start the ball rolling and let IBP build your
downline automatically deeper.

Join me in Rune's IBP today...

To your online success,

Frank Bauer

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