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Published on 06-22-2024 11:06:05 AM by Marty Bostick


Let me cut to the chase-if you're still struggling with affiliate
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The reason why most people who try their hand with affiliate
marketing FAIL or are forced to live with MISERABLE
results is simple: TRAFFIC.

The “conventional wisdom” among affiliate marketers
and online marketers is that the more traffic you have, the better.

No wonder most affiliates fail. They eat up this
misconception hook, line, and sinker.

As I have mentioned in my previous email, the answer

That's right-even if you have really low levels of traffic,
as long as it is the RIGHT kind of traffic, you WILL make money.

In fact, with the right traffic source, you can make more
money with less traffic.

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Talk soon
Marty Bostick

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