Get Unlimited Paid Members Plus 100% Commissions

Published on 06-19-2016 08:06:56 PM by Boniface Lopez

We have just completed creating a system so powerful that it will rapidly fill the downline of our team members. We use a 4 Team rapid rotation system that fills the downline for members of that team. Each team promotes parallel to one another but every prospect from the team is put into the team they opted in with. Super powerful and unique. Our system has 4 teams, 4 team leaders, and 1 system director. We are heavily building our downlines. No more waiting in line with a traditional rotator where you have to wait you turn. No waiting here. Since we are still new, there is plenty of room at the top. those at the top will see the most paid members and see them more quickly. See it in action today and get in on this! Everything is provided. No autoresponder is needed..Each team has their own that auto promotes for them with high converting messages that have already been written and tested.

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