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Published on 06-29-2020 10:06:19 PM by Seely Clark

I flat out sucked at marketing for a long time!

For 4 years I made only CENTs for every DOLLAR

that I spent... (No Bueno...)

All Because-

I didn't understand the 3 parts of business that matter...


I didn't really understand any of it from 2010 to 2014 to be exact...


Then I met my of whom

was this "kid"... his name is Jon..


He'd been my mentor, colleague, and friend since 2014...


But I didn't get to meet him until 4 years 2018


He was maybe 19 by then?



Maybe 20... doesn't matter..


I'm from Maine....was living in Florida...he lived in Minnesota

You get the idea... we hadn't exactly been able to mastermind

over coffee yet :)


Here's a picture of when we first met in 2018


He'd missed his flight or it got

rescheduled....I don't recall...either way...


I went and met him at the airport

in Orlando (I lived in Weeki- Wachee at the time...a 2 hour drive)


When we met he gave me the bro handshake

followed by a hug that damned near

cracked my ribs even though I'm twice his size.......


You could feel the genuineness

and integrity oozing out of his pores...


He truly gave a shit... You could just tell...


Anyhow... I grabbed him at the airport like I said....

we went to the Waffle House

and had some great chow....and I put him up at

my place for the night until he could catch a

flight out in the morning.


Before that... and that night... and still to this day

he has helped me hone my craft and has been an integral part

of me being able to make thousands in my chosen business...


Now none of that may matter to you but here's what should- 


By the time I met Jon


1) He'd been online almost 9 or 10 years by then...

That meant he started at


2) At 19, He wrote and published his own e book

on helping others succeed

no matter what they want to do in business...


2) At 20.... he bought his own home


3) Now, at 21 he has made 6 figures + in his chosen business


4) He is teaching newbies and veterans alike every day how

to rock it like he does


He is a master at his craft...

he is one of my mentors that molded me to go on and

make thousands with my chosen business..



He helped me master the following 3 things.

1. Lead generation
2. Converting those leads
3. Scaling your ROI per lead and customer

When you can do those 3 things....

You can scale indefinitely

in whatever business you choose.


You can reach 6, 7, and even 8 figures....


I don't want it to take you 4 years just to be able to grow

like it did me....

So... We made this webinar training for you...

NO strings attached.

To show you...

How to reach your next figure, by mastering the above 3 skills...

If I can. so can you...


With my kindest regards,

Your Friend And Partner
Seely Clark IV 

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