Published on 09-11-2020 03:09:46 PM by Shaun Price


I've created a brand new Facebook group for anyone that is passionate about Bitcoin, or anyone that is keen to learn more about it.

I've been searching for a group that isn't just full of spammy links and dodgy dealers.

Unfortunately I just couldn't find one.

So, I created my own lol.

If you are serious about furthering your education in Bitcoin, then I think this will be the place for you.

We are looking for members at all levels of sophistication with Bitcoin.

Hopefully beginners will be able to learn from the intermediates, and the intermediates will be able to learn from the experts.

If, like me, you see Bitcoin as being the future of money, then come and say hi. 

My goal is to build a community of like minded people, all striving to accumulate Bitcoin and helping each other along the way.

Best wishes

Shaun Ryan Price

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