Strive for progress NOT perfection!

Published by Seely Clark — 01-04-2020 12:01:58 PM

Listen, you don't have to be perfect to get started....

You just HAVE to get started.

No matter what you are doing right now online

The key to success is action- ANY kind of forward




It's called progress not perfection....


Prime example of this:

I was in northwest Florida outside a Planet Fitness 

and I met this dude who was an amateur bodybuilder.

Do you know what the VERY FIRST thing was that I  noticed about

His size? (Can't miss the frigging guy at 5' 10" and 270!)


His conditioning and low body fat (which as impressive)


He was smoking a cigarette in the parking lot when I parked my

That's right.... dude was a smoker..

Far be it for me to judge I said  to myself

But as I was walking in I couldn't help but marvel at the 

incongruency of his level of fitness vs. his habit.

We made eye contact and he chuckled and said, 

"I know bro, weird, right?"

I really didn't know what to say except, "Well, to be honest,

It's not something you see every judgement here bud."

That's all that was said in passing and I went inside.

Over the next several weeks I got to shooting the breeze

with this guy. Turns  out he was almost 400 pounds 3 years ago

Smoker drinker, cheesburger fiend, the whole 9 yards...

So come to find out at that time, his doc told him that he either

needed to get fit or get fitted for his burial tux. Those were
his choices...

So he took the advice to heart, started researching everything
he could on

diet and exercise, and took massive action...

Fast forward 3 years and hes very fit, his bloodwork is turned
around completely


he went from 2-3 packs of smokes a day down to 5 or 10
cigarettes a day

And before I left Florida about 6 months later, he was off
smokes and 

was rocking the patch.

So yeah, if he had waited until he was in the "perfect" spot

to get started, he would've never got started

He would have waited with info overload

and waited himself right into an early grave.

Was it perfect? No.

Was it easy?

Hell no.

Was it an instant turn around?

Obviously not, because we met in the "smoking section" :)

But it WAS progress

And over a long enough time period

with enough consistent imperfect action and learning.


He placed second in his first amateur competition just before I

As he put it, whilst grinning his ass of after his win,

"DId Pretty good for a former burger eating, 

chain smoking fat kid, right?"

Hell yeah he's right...

Now, remember this, and apply it to whatever YOU do...

All you need is forward action...

Just progress, NOT perfection

Because perfection is an illusion...

Progress, on the other hand,

 once set in motion 

is like water wearing away at rock,

It's like gravity 

not always noticed, 

but always there... and very powerful.

So get started today 

take massive action, 

Be persistent

and you'll be AMAZED

at where you are by this time next year!

With my kindest regards,

Seely Clark IV

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