Did you get PAID to go to the movies today? I did...and it was AMAZING!

Published by Seely Clark — 09-13-2020 04:09:17 AM

No, for real.

Silly but true.

I was watching Gridiron Gang on the tube, glued to the couch

surrounded by snacks.


Ahh. it’s a good day…

And then I checked my email 

(from my phone of course- who wants to break out the laptop

mid movie? Not this guy 


And then my day got even better!

Because this is what I saw on my phone:


I rarely watch movies, but seems like every time I do lately,

this happens!


This one shown below happened last time I watched a movie

and on this one I spilled my

popcorn! (totally worth it!)

Most people hide their results.

Most people fake it till they make it.

Most people WON’T show you real proof.


I will!

So YOU can decide, if you feel like you want in with us now.

Here’s another example :)… 

It’s not just me,

Tons of people are having success!

Here  is one from Sheila that she posted just today in our private FB group 

(her artwork is better than mine for sure!)

This isn’t to brag or boast- this is to show you that real people are winning!

And this is just a handful of proof….and this is JUST the start!


Our Team never quits!…if you want to build a monster so big that you

can have unlimited freedom and fill your bank to the hilt…

Then get in with us, and become a leader!

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With my kindest regards,

Seely Clark IV

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