Using Skype to give or get help. It's simple and saves so much time!

Published by Seely Clark — 09-05-2017 07:09:10 PM

Go to the video link below that shows you how to join Skype and setup your Skype account. Here is the link:

I show you where the screen sharing function is so that when you are in contact with anyone regarding business you can see each other's screen in order to make explaining something easier. It is ste by step with a visual aide. It doesn't get much better than that!

I use Skype almost daily in my Now Lifestyle business. It is super easy to use- you can chat face to face, or talk with audio only-just like a phone call with no video. The no video is a good thing if you work online or from home and are in your pajamas with messed up hair!!!

Screen sharing helps many people understand something that you are trying to tell them even better because of the real time over the shoulder feel, and because of the visual of being able to see what you are doing in action. It certainly beats the heck out of playing email tag 5 or 6 times to get an issue resolved! And over the phone without the video sometimes just falls short for instructional purposes because you can not see what they are seeing, or see what tey are doing, so there is a real disconnect in the learning curve there...

If you have any questions about the video in the link above, feel free to contact me, Seely Clark via email at, on facebook at or at my personal cell phone number which is +12076599949

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