Ughh...Today Sucked!

Published by David Gardner — 01-06-2020 08:01:38 PM

Happy Monday to you!

Hopefully your morning went better than mine!

After a TWO week break (which was freaking awesome!!!) I was back at work today with the cherubs. Yeah in case you forgot, I teach HS Science in a school that is very high in poverty.

Some of these are kids with rough home lives and when they come into my room you never know what you are going to get.

That's if they even show up.

Some have attitudes.

Some have little desire to do work.

Some do nothing to make their lot better in the classroom.

But they are masters of their cell phones.

But they are masters of trying to look good.

But they are masters of teen angst and comebacks.

I'd probably kill them if they were my own children acting that way to another teacher.

Their rudeness and lack of motivation can be very wearing to someone who is trying to be there for them and help them be successful.

It's the whole horse and water scenario.  I lead them to the water but I sure as hell can not make them drink.

I can explain to them how every thing works in the class or on a problem and give them a few examples and walk them through a few times, though if they are in their own little world and unwilling to put effort forth... becomes a lost cause sometimes.

Kids don't come to class and fail and the state blames us for poor teaching.

Kids yell fight and get in trouble and the they blames us for poor classroom management.

Kids stay up all night on social media and sleep in class and they say we are not engaging them enough.

Ughhh...This morning was another one of those mornings.

Teaching is not always fun.

Teaching is not always easy.

Teaching is not always enjoyable...

...and I love teaching.

I love sharing what I know with those who want to learn and become better in the world though it's days like this that fuel my desire to build my business and be the best coach and mentor (and teacher) I can be online.

The same hold true here.

You need to show up.

You need to put the effort forth as I can NOT do it for you.

I will lead you, though you need to make it happen.

It's as simple as that.  Take action = See Results


Let's do this!

Dave Gardner

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