Sunday Smackdown

Published by David Gardner — 08-09-2020 01:08:43 PM

I hope you are having a Sunday Funday!

Business is not a straight easy path to success.

There are good times and times when you want to throw in the towel, however it is those of us that do not give up that truly see the successes.

Whether it is a lot of small failures or a major one, in each case we can truly learn something either that doesn't work (and avoid that in the future) or something we should have or could have done instead to make it work and start implementing that the next time around.

In the process it also pays to continue educating yourself to learn from those who have been there and have had the successes that you likely want to achieve.

They say success leaves clues.

Follow those clues, strategies, tips and mimic or mirror those who are having success.

And keep doing it over and over and over again until it gets almost automatic and as close to perfect as you can get.

Remember even the best fail a ton...A hall of fame baseball player might only hit the ball 30% of the time (.300 batting average) and someone like Michael Jordan has missed thousands of shots in actual games.

Yet they continued to learn from their coaches/mentors and practiced daily to make themselves better in their field.

You can do the same in yours.

You likely won't become the best this week, month or maybe even this year...but stick with it and it could happen faster than you think and much better than if you were to go about it all alone.

That's why I jumped back into the NOW ACADEMY and NLS Professional courses offered in our Now Lifestyle members area to go through the training again and actually took 12 pages of notes for me to go back over and create some of my own content with and also provide me with strategies to follow that our CEO and top performers have been using for their success.

If you have NOT purchased this amazing set of training modules (and also provided you with a greater commission potential as a reseller) than I highly recommend you doing that today.

Heck you could even just watch ONE of the courses/modules in there and help improve your presence online which could make a world of difference over time.

Remember it is often about small little adjustments that result in major change over time.

Take evolution for example...It's just change over time!

Create your account and get started with us here NOW:

Once you are logged in, click the tab on the Left that says NOW ACADEMY and then click the one that says professional (you might also want to look into the Local Marketing Blueprint as well for even more training on selling in your local community)

Let's do this!

Dave Gardner

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Teacher/coach/Entrepreneur building his business in the health/fitness and marketing niches. Dave is a single dad of 3 kids, a returned Peace Corps Volunteer, science teacher and a leader in internet marketing. He has been published in a few books in the marketing and lacrosse niches.