What does negative interest rates mean?

Published by Mikael Gustavsson — 08-26-2019 01:08:22 PM

FINANCIAL EDUCATION - also includes you being completely up to date with global economic policy. Especially if you are working to prepare and get ahead of the coming wealth transfer.

What does negative interest rates mean? Why are they needed? What affect do they have on your wealth? What affect will they have on your future?

Why are the Central Banks and established Elites so keen to ban physical cash? What powers does a cash ban provide them? Why should you care?

Well, the answers lie in this video and in some countries in the world the moves to restrict cash holding (ahead of the move to negative interest rates) are already in play....

Are you going to sit and allow this significant change to happen or are you going to protect your current wealth by OWNING PHYSICAL and DIGITAL assets outside the fiat system while this unsustainable last push to maintain the broken fiat system we live under works itself out.

You see, this is not just about civil liberties or your ability to pay for life today, important as these are.... this is also about how your life will be tomorrow.

The ONLY defence you have is you seek the financial education AND position to ensure part of your wealth is OUTSIDE the system over these next few years so you can re-enter whatever “currency” looks like later on YOUR terms...

You can continue to blindly work hard every day chasing more and more devaluing fiat currency OR you can also get educated on how to take some of that energy and turn it into ASSETS that are immune from these desperate fiscal changes to how currency is used... your call.

?  Start here my friend <==

~ Mikael

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