This is all Huge!!!

Published by Mikael Gustavsson — 09-16-2019 07:09:27 AM

We are blessed to be in Karatbars this early on.
We have taken future money, back it with a real asset and created the first regulated crypto that is decentralised. 

This is Next Level...

In the early 1900's we went from:
Stone Age to an Industrial Age
In 1980's from
Industrial Age to Information Age (Internet Age)
And then 2010 from Information Age to a Trust Age (Blockchain Age)
We can Trust Blockchain, no need for 3rd parties.
With Blockchain we have more privacy, more securiry, more trust.
We made the first Ever Blockchain Smartphone (no need for 3rd party mobile operators), first ever Blockchain Laptop compatible and in sync with the wallet private key (Meaning you are your own bank, pulling the key out makes your bank go "offline". Giving you The Ultimate Security!

The whole eco-system is Backed by 24ct gold bullion, with 3 confirmed Gold mines spread across the globe. Madagascar, Guinea and now in Brazil...

We will be listed on the Stock Exchange as an operating business just as Apple, Microsoft, Amazon ect...
Starting on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and London Stock Exchange, also Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

Accept we are one of the only one's to date with Blockchain products, a Blockchain payment system, an ATM called Cash Exchange Machine (CEM) that gives your real gold in a note and we are just the most innovative company out there that is catering for the future and This is JUST the Start....

Buying Apple stocks for pennies is where we are right now... We are moving with AND creating the future

We created the most effective, most secure, fast fast fastest Blockchain ever created that can facilitate 18 million transactions a sec whereas Visa does 1700 per sec, and it is open-source, which means other companies like Apple, Microsoft ect that wants to move into Blockchain space, can build theirs on OUR Blockchain (which operates with our KCB coin),
its an understatement if I say OUR KCB is the Most Undervalued coin in the Crypto Space. We have the potential to be the No1 Cryptocurrency beating Bitcoin (and I love Bitcoin)

We are Just Getting Started....
The world's next few millionaires is getting made within Karatbars in the next 5 years!!! And its NOT millionaires by paper currency BUT Cryptocurrencies Backed by Real Underlining Asset GOLD.... REAL WEALTH,
indestructible money, Generational Wealth, passed on for Generations Growing money, not affected by INFLATION....

Karatbars is for EVERYONE!!! We are the Best Company in my opinion for the Future and for Protecting yourself from financial disaster... which FYI is around the corner!!

When this train gets momentum, it will turn into a rocket heading past the moon...

Time to get in....
It's NOW while we are on the Station, this coin is on Ground Floor!!
You do not want to regret getting in at this pinnacle moment.

? ✅ Start here my friend <==

Get as many KCB coins as possible!!!

~ Mikael

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