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What is YOUR labour worth... the TIME you give per hour, compared to what the money you get in return buys you?

➡️1970; the average wage per week was $135 or 3.78oz of Gold per week

➡️2019 the average wage per week is $909

What is 3.78 oz of GOLD worth today? Answer.... $5734 (per week!)

So our WORTH has dropped in 48 years - why is this? Why do you feel the need to work longer hours, overtime or even have multiple “jobs”?

Well, the answer to that is quite extraordinary and completely hidden from normal people as they spend 40 hrs, working 40 years only to get 40% in a pension of the same wage.

And you wonder why we spend so much effort and energy accumulating Gold!

We understand the real difference in energy we spend each week ($5734 - $909) means.... it means for every HOUR we spend accumulating Gold we are making $143 ($5734 / 40hrs) ON TOP of any "wage" we may be making in a job, commission or opportunity! Capiche?

On top of this, by owning gold, we are securing our WEALTH for the future.... in nearly 50 years our purchasing power in real terms has fallen massively. To counter this consumer debt has risen, so now we not only have to fund "life" we are also funding debt - and lots of it as a population!

Much of this debt is turned into DERIVATIVE FINANCIAL PRODUCTS.... an invention of the 1980's where fee's are created for Wall Street for them turning this debt into Mutual Funds, ETFs etc.

Guess who buys those Mutual Funds.....

Our Pensions, IRA's, 401k's and Variable Annuities.... and guess who funds them..... US! Via the same wages that are falling in real terms in the first place.

So then, how exactly do you expect to be able to 1) afford stuff in the future and 2) service the increased debt (and taxes) that must apply to fund the system?

This my friend is what is called "being left holding the bag"..... are you really going to let that happen?

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