Published by Mikael Gustavsson — 09-24-2019 07:09:17 AM

The bear trapper does not chase the bear.

A bear that knows it's being hunted is nearly impossible to catch and is ferocious if cornered.

Instead, the hunter lays traps baited with honey.

He does not exhaust himself and risk his life in pursuit otherwise he ends up like Leonardo Dicaprio in the Revenant.

Instead he waits.

Good marketers make people come to them. They do not chase people.

When you learn to market correctly your clients come to you, they don't resist you.

This gives you power.

It puts you in control of the sale.

Rookie marketers are never in control because they chase the prey.

They're using social media as a weapon to acquire customers.

But their judgement is clouded. 

Social media can be used as an effective trap or a weapon of self destruction.

If you spend all your time messaging strangers hoping to make a sale is depletes your energy and your authority.

Social media marketers knock on doors trying to offer a solution, but they look like beggars.

On the other hand...

The top earners never chase sign ups.

They successfully practice paid traffic and attraction marketing techniques to make others come to them.


Many top earners across dozens of companies are using my strategies that you're reading right now.


Because of the obvious super-advantages, of course.

What I do puts you in a position of power, and others look up to those who have the authority and positioning.

Which means...

No more chasing unqualified people who blow you off and ignore your messages and txts.

Sounds like a dream right?

Well it's not.

In fact, let me prove it to you.


? ✅ Start here my friend <==


You see, I didn't even tell you what I do... but you're curious.

That's why you're gonna click that link to find out for yourself.

I don't have to sell you anything...

You just sold yourself.

Enjoy the honey ;-)

To your MASSIVE success in 2019!!

~ Mikael

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