Global Debt will surpass $255 TRILLION at the end of 2019....

Published by Mikael Gustavsson — 12-10-2019 11:12:23 PM

most of this has accrued since 1999.

That's 3x Global Economic Output.... and equates to EVERY man, woman and child on the PLANET holding over $32 500 of Debt.... and its increasing.

How does this affect you and your children?

Simply it places pressure on YOU and your ability to live life and store your energy TODAY into future purchasing power, as;
1) the purchasing power of YOUR currency continues to fall every month (made worse with experiments like QE)
2) taxation on you, your children and their children is how this fiat system, financial mis-management (now over 50 years old!) will be paid for....

BOTH these aspects equal less and less LIFE OPPORTUNITY for you and you family IF you are 100% reliant on bosses, banks ad governments for your way of life.

Do you think the rich and the top 5% get affected by this?
No, as they already know how to shelter from the ravages of increased taxation and the fiat system.... they take matters into their own hands and do NOT rely on...

- Pension/ 401k Schemes managed by administrators who put their own fees in front of your financial well being.
- Banks managed by administrators who put their employers balance sheets and profits in front of your financial well being.
- Bosses who's primary responsibility is profits and dividends to the Share Holders ahead of your financial well being in the form of wages.
- Governments managed by administrators deeply integrated into over 50 years of deficit spending, debt based economics, monetary policies driven by "selling" bonds to central banks to justify increased money supply to "aid" public works and in turn to place them into sort term power (via votes) ahead of your financial well being.

The complete system is crooked and its getting worse.

Now will the sky fall in, will we see destitution and desperation as we have seen in Venezuela, Zimbabwe, parts of Greece and Reichsmark Germany over the years?

Probably not....
BUT what we will see is death by 1000 cuts to millions of ordinary folks in the guise of....
- working longer,
- working two+ jobs,
- decreasing life opportunity,
- wage and pension protests (especially from the public sector workers) - the system is broke, so is your future if you are totally reliant on government or public sector pensions
- older age poverty
- increased suicide, homelessness and child poverty
- increasing income gaps between the 5% and the 95%, between men and women, between geographies and across continents.
- increasing protectionism (Brexit, walls, trade wars, currency wars)
- increasing division between left and right wing.... despite neither political persuasion having the teeth change anything fundamental to wealth distribution.

You see in the end all the issues above are NOT about a shortage of money, they ARE everything to do with the distribution of wealth....

The bosses, banks and governments have had their chance to properly and more fairly distribute wealth.... even during times of unprecedented money supply, record stock market values, safe, clean streets, developed infrastructure and established social welfare states..... yet still people feel used and abused.

So what is the answer.... well one answer might be to take matters in to YOUR OWN hands, get your OWN house in order financially, take control, ensure and insure YOUR future and THEN get out there and help others.

It starts with EDUCATION.....

We call this the new social welfare.... peer to peer, decentralised distribution of wealth based on TANGIBLE ASSETS you OWN and able to be liquidated and distributed on open source ledger technology that has no boundaries, ownership or custody to anyone.

Could the internet of money, internet 3.0 born out of projects such as Bitcoin and now maturing into a means of wealth ownership for the masses, OWNED by the masses, for the masses?

There is only one way for this to happen......and it starts with YOU. Community led education, wealth accumulation and distribution are now well established.... all you need to do it plug in and learn how to affect your OWN financial well being.


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