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Published by Mrs Ray — 10-19-2018 07:10:43 PM

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Connect to more opportunities and become more successful with Webtalk!

Webtalk is offering the 5-Tier Beta tester commission plan bonus to all of you join now, and help grow the community by inviting your friends, family and colleagues to connect with you on Webtalk.  

Starting off, we are projecting the average daily user to generate approximately $1 per month on average from ad revenue, as well as $1 per month average from premium feature packages.  

If this projection is accurate, the average commission per daily active user referral will be approximately $0.20 per month through your entire 5-Tier referral network if you qualify.  

ie. 10,000 daily active users = $2,000 per month or 100K DAU = $20K per month

As we add revenue streams, and as the community grows, revenue per user is expected to increase significantly. As our revenue grows, so does your commissions.

But hurry, it is ONLY during the beta, JOIN NOW


The 5-tier commission plan we are offering now is a financial reward for being first, providing content, growing the community and revenue while helping us test our software in the process to find and fix the bugs.  

All new affiliates AFTER Beta testing will receive 10% from their direct referrals only, with a 1-Tier commission plan to the new members... they will not have the same commission plan as Beta users.  

This will reduce the number of people who are inviting others all of the time for the income opportunity offered now.  Therefore, you have more opportunity to grow a very large referral network in time.

There is a HUGE incentive now for all of your referrals to join our Beta and help us test and grow!  There is NO CAP on how many people can be awarded this bonus as long as we are Beta testing.  

This is a win-win for both sides.  

Webtalk has created what is likely going to be the most lucrative free affiliate program in history.  Over 1 million beta testers today and in the top 30k ranking websites IN THE WORLD.

100% free to join ... and always will be.

At no risk to you, why would you wait?   HURRY watch the video for more details then JOIN NOW ... before you miss out on the beta reward timeframe!

I hope you love the platform as much as I do ... wishing you all success! 

Please 'connect' with Mrs Ray once you register.  :)

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To Your Success!

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