Not using your LeasedAdSpace free personal blog WHY NOT?

Published by Mrs Ray — 11-05-2018 07:11:00 AM

Here is my review of LeasedAdSpace free personal blogs ... I believe this is the most under-utilized feature of this website and I find it to be very valuable because ...

1 - no hosting costs
2 - no time spent on updates or maintenance
3 - LeasedAdSpace free personal blog posts rank quickly in the search engines ... bringing organic targetted traffic.   I have found this to be a very powerful way to get free targetted organic Google search engine traffic when using the right keywords.
4 - my post is live FOREVER and ever and ever
5 - my LAS personal blog provides good backlinks for my other web posts.
6 - my blog is networked together within the entire leasedadspace traffic platform  (as a red diamond, every blog post I make shows up on the adboard too) ... be sure to check out my las adboard review too
7 - my posts are totally unlimited, I can post fresh content as many times a
day as my heart desires!
8 - The posts include social sharing icons ... good content can go viral!!

Those are the benefits I love getting from my leasedadspace personal blog.

I can't stress enough about how my blog post carries a lot of clout with the search engines, because the leasedadspace site gets spidered every single day by the search engines.

Leased Ad Space platform, is a content creating machine, and sometimes is literally producing new content by the second. This is why the search engines love this site so much and member blogs rank easily.

I post lots of content every chance I get because I love my leasedadspace personal blog!!  My posts include links to my other web posts as much as possible too, for the backlinking benefit.

I believe that Leased Ad Space is an excellent platform for advertising and I highly recommend using their personal blog feature to build a business or personal brand as well of a good backlink source for your own blog.

As a red diamond at leasedadspace, if you were to ask me ... is it worth my time and the one-time payment(s) for the ad packs that I spent?  My reply is, and always will be ... HECK YA'!!!

You don't even need a paid ad package to use this blog just need to sign up as a free member. Your Free Personal Blog where you can post your own unique content is ready.

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