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Published by Martin Bigler — 08-25-2018 08:08:22 AM

Over the years I’ve met folks who seemed to have this
“online business” thing figured out…

They read the books…

They set the goals…

And even took action every day…

Yet, they only made a few hundreds dollars each year…


The other day I found a great story that might shed
some light on this mystery.

One day, a man walked into a camp filled with elephants.

As he walked past the elephants, he noticed they were
secured by a single rope tied around one ankle.

The rope was then attached to a small stake in the ground.

Confused, the man stopped and asked a villager,“Why are
these elephants only secured by a thin rope? Surely they
can break free if they wanted to.”

The owner of the elephants turned to the man and said,
“When the elephants were young, the rope was strong enough
to hold them. Now as adults, they still believe that they
can’t break free. They never tried.”

Many people hold onto old, dis-empowering beliefs that
don’t serve them anymore.

“Rich people are evil.”

“I’ll never be wealthy.”

“I’m not smart enough to run my own business”

Unconscious beliefs like these hold folks back.

Intellectually, they want to run their own business, but
deep at their core, their beliefs say otherwise.

Just like the grown elephants who didn’t UN-Learn the
limits that held them back as youngster.

Could you have old beliefs that no longer serves you?

One thing that all 7-figure earners have in common is a
mindset that works for them, not against them.

Powerful beliefs that give them the compass to plow towards
their goals, no matter what.

NOW is the moment to remove the shackle from
around your ankle.

Toss aside old limiting beliefs and replace them with
empowering ones.

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See you at the top,

Martin Bigler

Martin Bigler

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