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Published by Bryan Alton — 10-17-2019 01:10:50 PM

List Leverage

~ Force Other People To Build Your Viral Email List?  ~


Hey how are ya? It's List Leverage,

 I'll tell you what I mean by that subject line

at the end of the email. But first...


When it comes to marketing online there are

really only two things that affect your bottom

line (profit).



 That's it. It's literally THAT simple.

And yet... People STILL FAIL ...why?


Because they don't have LEVERAGE!

 A wise man once told me...


"Give me a fulcrum and a lever long enough,

and I can move the world."

And that's EXACTLY what we will do.

Your Autoresponder = FULCRUM

Your Subscribers = LEVER

The bigger you grow your list, the more

leverage you will have.

 Do you know WHAT's REALLY STUPID?


Paying for traffic to generate only ONE

lead at a time. Yes... That's dumb.


Because why generate one lead when

you could be generating MULTIPLE

leads from the exact same traffic.




Is the ability to turn ONE lead into

hundreds or even THOUSANDS of

leads, without doing any extra work.


In fact, the way I do this, is by

leveraging the efforts of other people.

Making them do the work FOR ME,

as I chill out and get my list built



The tool I use to do this is called List Leverage.


==> Click Here To Sign Up For List Leverage



We've been using it to build our subscribers

huge email lists and make them money while

their list grows at the same time.


And now you can get a piece of the action.

Your new partners in success,

Bryan Alton

Matthew Neer

List Leverage

P.S.  Keep your ear to the ground, we've got

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