Login Help

So you're having some trouble logging in? We're here to help! Below we've listed some common login problems that we see on a regular basis. If, after reviewing the below common problems and potential solutions you are still unable to login to your account, then please contact support.

Username or Email Address

Our system allows you to log in using your username or primary email address for logging in. When you're resetting your password, you can also use either to receive a new password.

Usernames and Passwords are Case Sensitive

Both your username and your password are case sensitive. If you have capitals in either, you must type those capitals when entering the username and password.

Copy and Paste Problems

When you copy and paste your username or your password during the login process, you often will also copy extra spaces or formatting characters either before or after the username and password that you're copying. We suggest typing your username and password rather than copy and pasting them, but if you insist on copy and paste, please ensure that you don't accidentally pick up extra characters when you do it.

Session and Browser Problems

One of the biggest problems that we see related to lgging in is when people leave their browser open for long periods of time without logging out and closing the browser or tab. Our system uses sessions to prevent hacking and to protect our user accounts. If you experience login problems. Close out of your browser completely, clear your cache and cookies, restart your browser and then try and login again.

Using the Wrong Login Link

When you signed up for your account we sent you an email with a confirmation link that you had to click to enable your account. That link is only usable once. It can't be used again as a bookmark to the login page. The proper link to our login page is https://leasedadspace.com/login.php, and you can bookmark that page if you like.

Forgetting username and / or password

We all have to deal with lots of usernames and passwords these days. Having said that, they're all important as well. There are a number of password managers on the market to help you keep your passwords straight. Just google "password manager" and you'll find a plethora of options. But if that's not for you, at least write your username and password down. And make sure you note the capitals!

Now, we're all human. Despite our best efforts, sometimes we forget things or misplace things. When that happens, there is a button on the bottom of the login page that will allow you to reset your password (using either your username or your primary account email as a lookup key). If you reset your password, the email with a new password will be sent to your primary account email address.

Passwords Contain Letters, Numbers and Special Characters

Whether you're updating your password, or just having trouble logging in, it's key to remember that passwords need to conform to the following rules:

      Minimum of 8 characters
      At least one letter
      At least one number
      At least one special character from the following list: ! @ # $ % ^ &