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In the process of trading on the cryptocurrency exchange, two types of analysis are applied - fundamental and technical. In the first case, news, economic and political components affecting the exchange price are analyzed. The second involves working with the history of price movement and pattern formation.The trader's task is to control the price, timely buying and selling coins, using <bitcoin up app. A cryptocurrency exchange for beginners usually plays the role of a simple exchanger - a service for converting virtual and fiat money. If the site is used to make money, it is important to consider the following rules: One should not give in to emotions. A trader must maintain self-control, control his actions and be as cold-blooded as possible. When opening an order, it is recommended to put no more than 5-10% of the deposit. Such approach excludes loss of coins and allows to be less worried in the process of trading. When working on a cryptocurrency exchange, it is important to rely only on your strength and knowledge. The best option is to monitor price movements based on fundamental and technical signs. Selling and buying cryptocurrency should be done with a strategy in mind. The optimal option is to use several currency pairs. If you work with only one cryptocurrency, the risk of losing money increases. Useful character traits for a trader: Lack of greed. When trading a rise or fall in price, you need to act quickly and lock in profits. If you wait for more profits, you can lose money. Patience. A good trader knows how to watch the chart and wait for the best moment to make an operation. You should not use any price fluctuations to make profit - it is important to act for sure. Attention. While trading, it is recommended to look at the orders stack, evaluate technical and fundamental factors. You should also pay attention to coin capitalization and trading volume. Considering these features, the chances of making money on a cryptocurrency exchange or making a profitable conversion increase.

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