Published by Colin Mitchell — 01-04-2024 05:01:53 AM

If your trying to make money online you need leads.

There are numerous ways to generate leads for your business, and i do my best to use as many as i can, i use facebook, Youtube, and many traffic exchanges, i also do paid advertising.

Recently i have been using a platform that helps me bring in leads for FREE, its a great FREE software that has been bringing me good results, it gives you a free Lead capture page which collects your leads for you, it also markets my primary business automatically as my new prospects come in through the lead capture page.

A bonus to this FREE system is that i am able to message all my new prospects.

Dont't make the mistake of sending people directly to your companies main site, use this FREE software so you are able to message your list, its cost nothing to use.

Its a great system which i wish i had found earlier.

Check out the link below, hope this helps, and good luck in your online business, here the link.

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Hi my name is Colin Mitchell, I live and work in Essex United Kingdom, I am married and have two great children, a son and a daughter. Since leaving school I have mainly been involved in sales and marketing, as I have always been outgoing and have always found it easy to communicate with people effectively. I have made most of my income from leads generation, I have been doing this and getting paid for leads for home improvements for virtually all my life, it has been and still is a great way of earning money. The only problem with doing this is that when I stop canvassing and getting leads, I stop earning money. I now because of this have turned some of my attention towards building a residual income, I do this by promoting various opportunities of which I am a member, and also by earning commissions on products that I myself have used and believe to be of good use. My Plan is that as I get older and am less physically able to turn all of of my spare work time into earning more money online. Another reason for this change in direction is my children. I want to build a income that is residual for them, I believe that this is the way to go, if you want your children to be secure in the future. Thank you for reading about me, and I wish you good health wealth and happiness in the future.