Hi This Is Your Matrix Buster Directions!!

Published by Robert Lewis — 03-11-2018 03:03:12 PM


Thank you so much for joining our team !

My name is Robert Lewis and I am very excited to have you join us.

This system is designed to give you a step by step approach to building a five figure income online. If you are ready to commit to following these steps and working with our team, you are going to experience a tremendous amount of success.

Step 1

First, let's be sure you have opened your account. If you have not already done so, you will want to return to my web page at:

http://www.trafficwave.net/members/dukelewis/freeenroll.html and register for your free trial account.

Step 2

The system will send you a confirmation message. Click the link in that message to confirm your enrollment.

Step 3

Next, you will receive an email with your login instructions including your username and password.

It is absolutely critical that you log in to your account and select the option to become an Affiliate.

Step 4

You will now need to register from the Matrix Buster Program. Log into your account, and go to "Affiliate Manager". From there you will find links to the Matrix Buster program.  

After you have registered, you can use the links in this section to help set up your tools to support your promotion of your Matrix Buster URL. I will be notified that you have registered, and will upgrade your Account to Active status as soon as possible.

Step 5

Enter your credit card info in your affiliate admin so you are qualified for me to pay you in and so when you get people signed up under you you can do the same!

Step 6

Please send me a email with your Matrix Buster Url so I can add you too my Coop


I will also get you added too some other Coop's

Be sure to review the back office and familiarize yourself with the tools we will be using. Don't hesitate to ask questions.

Remember: We work together as a team. I am going to pay to get your account upgraded and in return, you are agreeing to do the same for your new referrals.

Together, we are going to build a tremendous busines and enjoy cashing weekly and monthly checks from TrafficWave.net!

I'm looking forward to working with you.

Robert Lewis


About Robert Lewis


Hi I'm just a country boy at heart, I used to rodeo and have fun, but finally had to grow up and make a living. So I worked in construction for 25 years and still do today! I worked online for about 8 years and took a break but now I am going strong again! I love marketing and team building! Thanks Robert Duke Lewis