How To Get Paid To Play Video Games

Published by Ethan Caine — 04-13-2017 04:04:24 PM

I love playing video games…in fact it’s one of the things I do alot during the week.   In 2016 I was completely unemployed and living off my employment benefit’s from the government.  As you can see I clocked in over 1200hours on GTA Online and GTA V alone.  That year I also finished Mass Effect 2 and 3 which is another 150 hours of game time.

Not to mention some Destiny with friends and other games I can’t recall at the moment.  I spent close to 2000 hours that year sitting on my ass playing video games.

As my employment benefit’s came to an end I was like.  Fuck.  

I thought about getting a job agan but I really didn’t want t to.

Instead I started looking into starting my own online business.

I have some technical skills, I can record videos off my PS4 and XBOX so I thought I could start a gaming channel.

Well after some research of looking at the top YouTube channels who actualy make money I realized I needed to pump out super high quality videos just to even compete.

The problem is also the YouTUbe gaming channel space is super saturated.  Honestly I watch Pewdiepie…cause he’s #1 and a couple GTA V channels…thats it.

I just have no interest in expanding out and wasting more time.  Because lets be honest you spend way to much time on YouTube as is don’t you?  Yeah I do to.

Anyway I had to figure out a way that I could make money from YT videos.

Adsense ad revenue is pretty much gone for all the gaming channels after the Ad-Pocolypse that happened recently because 750 million dollars in ad money got pulled.

So that still doesn’t help me with the whole I need to make money to pay the rent situation.

So I came across a business online that has no monthly fees that pays out high commisions.  Also it handles all of the selling for you.  You just send people to your landing page and the system follows up with them automatically.  When someone buys something it goes directly to your paypal.

It’s basically 95% automated.  The only thing you have to do is send interested peoole who want to make money to the website they provide for you.

At first I thought this was a scam but I did my due dillegence as you should as well…and the system is completely legal and legit.

Instead of explaining everything to you here go check out the link in the description.  Just enter your name and email then watch the 20min video that explains the business.

OK so to be clear this is a legit business which means it’s not a get rich over night thing.  You actually have to do work.  The work you have to do is drive traffic to your website.  Also people usualy want to email, skype, or talk to you if they want to sign up…though to be honest they usually just want to check if you are a real person and not some bot.

You don’t have to talk to people but it really helps with sales because some people are leary about just signing up for things online.

The great thing is you don’t have to pay for advertising because you can generate all of your traffic from youtube.  Just make gaming videos and then tell people if they are interested in learning how to get paid to play video games they should click the link in the description.

That’s it…don’t be all in your face about it.  A simple 5 second message is enough.

Now all you have to do is make game videos for youtube by capturing your gameplay.  PS4 and XB1 allow you to record game footage.  You can save it directly to YT or a thumb drive and edit it on your computer.  This isn’t hard and their are loads of tutorials how to do this.  Just cut in your ad, upload, and your done!

Move on to the next video.  

Now one of the most important things you need is to be promoting a solid business that doesn’t have monthly fees and no overhead.  You buy in once with a one time admin fee and that’s it.  You get to sell the product for life.  You might not make any sales the first month as you are still learning so don’t get discouraged and know that you aren’t going to be losing money every month.

That’s why I picked E1U as the business to promote.  NO overhead (except my time) and big payouts directly to my paypal.

If you are ready to get started and check out what exactly the business is then click the link below, enter your name and email and watch the video presentation.


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