Are You Using LAS The Right Way? (A Must Read)

Published by Jed George — 06-04-2018 02:06:12 AM

There is a strategy that you can learn and allows you to use LeasedAdSpace the right way.

By that, I mean offering the members a of LAS a solution to the number one problem most of them have:

Getting leads and sign ups in their own business and giving them a marketing system to help them.

Most people use LAS to advertise their business and their is nothing wrong with that.

However, when you market your business you will come across two types of people:

  1. People that are looking for a business opportunity (whether they are already involved in one or not)
  2. People that are already involved in a business  and don't want to join another, they just want to get leads and sign ups.

So most people target only person 1.

And as a result of doing so, they leave a lot of money on the table because they could be providing critical tools and training to person number 2. And person number 2 will gladly pay the money to access things that can help them build their business.

What kind of tools and training can you provide?

Most of these people don't have proven sales funnels that convert. Instead, they rely on the website their business opportunity provides them, and most of them either do not convert, or are being used by thousands of other members. So providing them with a unique sales funnel will help them stand out from the crowd, get more leads, and get more sign ups.

Does this mean you double your advertising and marketing efforts?

That is certainly one way of targeting both types of people. You can create two sales funnels. One for person 1 and the other for person 2.

Or you can come up with a smarter way: Build ONE Sales Funnel that targets both!

So what we are saying here, is that you can use a sales funnel that advertises your primary business to those looking for a business opportunity, and at the same time offer a sales funnel for people only wanting to grow their current primary business.

Doing this will allow you to make money even if they don't "join" your primary business.

So the question that remains is: How can you build a sales funnel like that?

  • Well, first you will need a marketing system that will allow you to build captures pages and landing pages.
  • You will also need to be able to duplicate and share these pages with others.
  • You also want to be able to use copy and paste methods to make it easy for them to use.
  • You need to be able to provide easy to follow steps to help them put everything together.
  • Lastly, you will nee to provide ongoing training as changes and tweaks are made to help improve conversions.

So you can build all of this yourself, or you can ask the simple question:

Where can I find a done for you sales funnel like that?

The solution is the Easy Residual System!

This is a "done-for-you" sales funnel that does exactly what I have described above.

It allows you to market your primary business and provide the marketing tools and training to other online business owners.

This means when person 2 takes a look at your sales funnel, they will be presented with a opportunity to use the same sales funnel for their own business. Then they themselves can start marketing to person 1 and person 2 at the same time.

WOW... try and wrap your head around that last paragraph!

So going back to the original question: Are You Using LAS The Right Way?

Think about it. The majority of people using LAS are not people looking for business opportunities. They are people wanting to get leads and sign ups in their own business. So why not provide them with a solution to their problem? That is the best way to make money online - being a problem solver.

If you would like to learn more about the sales funnel you can use to market to person 1 and person 2, go to the link below.

==> Use LAS The Right Way And Market To Person 1 And Person 2

And feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

Jed George

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