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Hello my name is Jibri Howard, founder of treatyourfeet.live. My vision wasn't born on a beach with million-dollar dreams. It came out from chronic homelessness in Washington D.C, from a time when even the sturdiest feet felt unsteady.

But here's the thing: challenges can be the greatest teachers. It was during that period that I pushed myself to learn and grow. I learned reflexology, I became a certified IT professional, an office support specialist, a desktop technician, and even a behavioral health professional.

These diverse skills fueled a vision: treatyourfeet.live. It's more than just a foot care resource, it's a community builder, a place where local businesses can thrive and residents can prioritize their well-being.

treatyourfeet.live is my way of giving back to the city that helped me find my footing. It's about creating opportunities, fostering connections, and reminding everyone that even the toughest times can lead to the most fulfilling strides.

Join me on this journey! Let's put our best feet forward, together.

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