How "I QUIT" Happens!

Published by Lon Lindsey — 03-19-2021 01:03:49 PM


QUIT!  I’ve seen it happen over and over.  It’s happened to me and it probably has happened to you as well.  Here is how the process goes.

Participation in a business type opportunity begins with “HOPE!”  We have hope that whatever we choose to do will work out for us.  The hope comes from our own desires, but usually through an offer that we receive that is very emotionally appealing.  You know!  “It makes sense!”  “I think I can do it!”  “This sounds like it will work!”   “WOW, this will make me money!” Not only do we have hope that something will come along that will produce for us, and when something does come along that appeals to us, that hope builds into a desire to give it a try.

So, from hope we move into “DESIRE” and “MOTIVATION” to join and participate in a business/program and along with the hope that it will produce for us, we may even take the next step of actively participating by doing some things that will produce some positive results.

Once we move from hope, desire and motivation to participate in a program, there is a certain amount of EXCITEMENT that motivates us even more.  That excitement may, actually, cause us to, initially, do more than we can financially afford, but the hope and excitement together is so powerful, that we proceed ahead.

Excitement then leads to expectations that reinforces the excitement and then the downward process begins.  FALSE OR UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS set the stage for what happens when the response rate does not meet those expectations.  The initial challenges of “lack of patience” and “slow to no response” causes “DISAPPOINTMENT” to set in that is followed by “DOUBT” (maybe this won’t work after all!) and once doubt sets in, “QUIT” usually follows.

Unfortunately, the cycle will repeat itself, in time, with the next hope followed by the next opportunity that comes along at the right time.

How best to avoid this cycle?  Being aware of this cycle is the first weapon to use against it.  After that, having realistic expectations will keep you working the program longer.  Patience and being consistent over time will help you stay with it as you understand that planting seeds requires time for them to take root for later harvest.  Another weapon is attending business conference calls by being around others who are like-minded and working the business.  The Bible even says when like-minded people gather together, it is like “iron sharpening iron!”

Quit = Unrealistic Expectations + Disappointment + Doubt

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