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What is YOUR cost of hope?  What part does "hope" play in any business or program venture?

We've heard the phrase, "Hope Springs Eternal."  This simply means that as long as we have hope, we have a reason to do what we do.  Hope is always there for us, and it is up to us to latch onto it.  For some people, hope gives them a mission and a purpose in life.  It gives them a reason to get up daily.  We all need some form of hope as that often motivates us to do what we choose to do.

There is a cost connected to hope.  Just look at the millions of dollars that is spent daily on lottery play.  Some will say, "you can't win if you don't play."  It's the hope of winning the big one that motivates lottery players to play.  Even when they lose, they have that hope that the next one will be a winner, plus they look forward daily to "that next draw" which their hope is wrapped around.

This article isn't about the lottery, but about the hope of building a business and a business income.  Whether it is just a few hundred dollars monthly or thousands of dollars monthly, it is the hope of such that can drive us to making that happen.  Obviously, we consider and get involved in a business opportunity based on the hope of what it will do for us.  Certainly we need that motivation, but a what cost?

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