This Old Dog Has Learned Another New Trick

Published by Lon Lindsey — 08-06-2021 01:08:46 PM

My name is Lon Lindsey and I live in The Villages, FL.

Although retired, I'm not retired from life.  Even at 74 years old, I never stop learning, so the answer to "can old dogs learn new tricks" is a resounding, "YES!"

Heck, I'm even into good modern day music, especially "The Blues" and "Christian rock!"

Here's the real shocker!  I'm into Cryptocurrency as well!  Go figure!  Not only is my love for cryptocurrency a way tohang out with the younger crowd, I truly believe it is where the world-wide economy is headed!

What I am doing with Cryptocurrency is not only keeping me young, but it is also accumulating wealth to leave for my children and grandkids.  Oh yes!  Some for myself as I'm not planning on departing soon.

Let's face it!  Inflation eats up any gains we may get from conventional wealth-generating methods so I know cryptocurrency, along with its volatility, is the answer to wealth accumulation.

Even though you can teach this old dog new tricks, there are some tricks I don't have to learn!  After all, I like to think smart! That's why I am having the pros do the work for me via cryptocurrency trading.  

They increased my trading account by 25% my first month of trading for me and that was a month when crypto was down and pretty much going sideways!

Safety?  That is key for me.  They trade for me without my sending my money to them!  In other words, they can't run with my money . . . not that they would, but just knowing that is certainly a safe feeling.

Anyway, this old dog still plays golf, pickleball, beach tennis, line dance and finds time to visit with others just like me in this fantastic retirement community.  ( and guess what?  Those professional traders continue to trade for me day after day while I'm having fun!  Hey, it's 7 days of trading week after week!  Yep, cryptocurrency trading is 7 days a week!  

So maybe you aren't retired!  Maybe you are working a job or growing a family or busy with "just living!"  You probably would like to accumulate wealth, but simply don't have the time and maybe you don't have the know-how as well.  You can do what I'm doing.  Just turn it over to the pros!

If you want to find out more about what I'm doing and how I'm doing it, Click Here  and take a look.

In the meantime, I'm off to a round of golf with my retired buddies!

Blessings of hope and abundance for you and your family!

Lon Lindsey

Just Another Old Dog Learning New Tricks!

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I am originally from Louisville, Kentucky and am a retired educator. Since retiring from J.O.B, I went into business for myself. I was always told when you work for someone else, you are making THEM rich! Now I am working for myself and having fun doing it in the warmth of the sunshine state. I've authored four books including A BUSINESS FOR EVERYONE - THE ART OF BUILD A BUSINESS. It includes a self survey to find out if a person interested in starting their own business is cut out for them plus a guide to help people determine what kind of business may be right for them. My book can be purchased on Amazon by searching for The Art Of Building A Business by Lon Lindsey. I live The Villages, FL with my lovely wife, Jan. Our grown children live in Fort Thomas, KY and Greenville, SC. We love the active lifestyle The Villages provides us which allows me to continue to work my business along with golf, pickleball, beach tennis and being on The Villages Blue Society Board. You can check The Villages out by going to I'm also into cryptocurrency seeing that is the future of world-wide currency that blockchain technology provides movement of digital currency from person to person in a manner of minutes. I am proof that an old dog not only can learn new tricks, but wants to learn! We are never too old to learn and it is the learning of new things that keeps us young! Jan and I wish blessings of hope and abundance for you and your family! Lon Lindsey