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Hi all, a bit about me!

Well after starting working in the family hairdressing business on Saturdays and after school at the age of 12, I always knew I wanted to be my own boss!

I bought my first business at 21, followed by another at 23 and another at 25... and experienced the burn out you mentioned in your video!

I crashed and burned and it took a couple of years to recover before I was ready to jump back into business again!

I retrained in property services, doing everything from property searches and EPC's, to opening an estate agents with my husband.

We unfortunately parted ways 4 years ago and I found myself working for other bosses for a few years, but it's just not in me! I lost my drive and enthusiasm until I hit rock bottom and my friends didn't recognise me.

Then I just left my job last year and started searching online for 'something else'. I didn't know what until i found my new online marketing business and finally I've come alive again! I've got back the passion I had when I was 17 and ready to take on the world! And now thanks to social media and new technologies, I actually CAN take on the WORLD!!! ????

Here's to empowering people to be their own boss!!

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