I went for a job interview yesterday.

Published by Mary DiBeasi — 07-14-2021 11:07:02 PM

When the boss asked what kind of salary I was looking for I replied

- I would like commission on everything I sell, & I want to see that percentage get far higher as I improve.

-I would also like the opportunity to receive free trips, bonuses paid in full, and free marketing materials based on my performance.

-I expect you to provide me with my own website and provide free online training

-When I bring in any new sales people, I deserve a bonus and to be compensated a percentage of their sales and the sales of any new people they bring in.

-I would like the opportunity to rapidly advance within the company

-When I do well, I expect lots of praise, recognition, and more bonuses. Did I mention all expense paid trips for me and my spouse?

- I would like my friends and family to have the opportunity to work here.

-By the way, I need to set my own schedule, and only work when it suits me and my family

So when can I start?

After the owner recovered from shock, he roared with laughter

"You must be sick in the head, or dreaming You will NEVER find an opportunity like that ANYWHERE and if you do, come back and get me, cause I want to work there too"

So I gave him my website ..  https://trimurl.co/Ib5a1hZ

How is your job treating you?

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