How to increase traffic for free?

Published by Yury Platonov — 12-27-2020 03:12:47 AM

Customers' purchasing behavior is often considered as the 'Black Box' because you never know when and what they will buy and from which store. Meanwhile, you want to unlock those Black Boxes and attract them to your store without any MONEY. Although people in early ages wouldn’t think of attracting people without any kind of investment, it’s been found that there are plenty of techniques recognized to attract targeted audiences effectively, eventually increasing traffic and selling more for FREE. 

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Here are the top 10 things you should ponder to drive more traffic.

1.         Effective Marketing

Without marketing your product or services, it will become challenging to drive more traffic to your store. Buzz marketing has been proven to be effective in terms of reaching potential customers conveniently.  

Buzz marketing assists store owners in reaching out to targeted customers anticipating different components of marketing strategies with the view to amplifying the overall sell.   

2.         Online Presence

In the 21st century, online presence for a store has become essential in order to inform the local customers about your existence. Since the inception of staying online, the Website has developed as the best medium to stay present in front of the consumers. Interestingly, a website can be exploited in many ways to increase engagement and boost conversion. 

Another interesting fact is Google revealed that 97 percent of consumers search for local businesses online1. Considering this fact and creating an online presence will undoubtedly be a wise decision.

3.         Utilize Social Platforms

It is estimated that 3.8 billion people spend time on social media platforms, so chances are high if all the platforms are taken for granted to promote your store4. In addition, this is a cost-effective and efficient marketing strategy to build momentum for your store. 

Moreover, social media marketing stimulates more local traffic, which eventually will increase the potentiality of maximum traffic and conversion.

4.         Highlight USPs

Unless the Unique Sales Propositions (USPs) are highlighted, the existence of a store becomes vulnerable to extinction. Owing to significant competition in the market, it becomes difficult to compete with the brands that have the same category business and physical store near you.

USPs of your store will help you stand out in the crowd and become more recognized among the locals. Identity comes first, and USPs can create that stance.  

5.         Maintain Your Store

Putting yourself on consumer’s shoes will depict the importance of maintaining store all the aspects. Appearance should be the topmost priority so that it can easily catch the attention of potential customers. By appearance, adding eye-catching billboards, neat and clean storefront and transparent or designed glasses, colorful doors, and lights will surely enhance your business's overall value.

Needless to say, the storefront represents the overall customer support, quality, and what that store has to offer. So, to drive traffic to you, there is no alternative to maintaining the store professionally and efficiently.

6.         Ensure Customer Support

A store must be ensuring the maximum customer support to serve as assistance to them. Why? The prominent reason is these kinds of assistance make consumers feel special, which later on has a huge positive impression on your store. As you grow to keep the quality of customer support intact, you will notice significant traffic to your store.

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