Highly Targeted Bluetooth Proximity Website Traffic

Published by Mike McCoy — 07-05-2017 01:07:36 PM

What if you could walk around, drive around or simply be in a densely 

populated area such as a busy mall or sports stadium and reach up to 

60% of everyone around you with your message, yet never say a word? 

That is precisely what the Asirvia Go Broadcasting Unit does!

A. Broadcasts to all Bluetooth enabled android devices within a 100 yard range.
This is also called "Proximity Marketing".

B. Android owners receive a simple notification that has a 40 character

message and live link to your site. This gets set up in your back office.

C. The absolute best passive prospecting and advertising tool available today.

It's been said that ours is a "lead generation" business, and with this unique

technology, getting thousands of leads per day will be the NORM!

Get started today, and either use it to promote your current business, or

make it an additional stream of income!

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