Get More Leads with LeadsLeap - My Review

Published by Rigo Betancourt — 02-07-2023 08:02:18 PM

I've been a member of LeadsLeap since 2022  and I'm impressed with what it has to offer. You can join for free or upgrade to a pro membership like I did.

As a pro member, you get a free autoresponder and access to pro ads. You can set up 10 ads to drive targeted traffic to your website and track everything with the back office.

LeadsLeap has many benefits, whether you're a free or paid member:

  • Advertise for free and receive quality traffic.

  • Get SEO traffic by writing reviews (no website required).

  • Track your links to see if you're getting real visitors or bot traffic (my favorite).

  • Build your own email list for free.

  • Create professional landing pages and popups for free.

  • And many more features.

I'm having a great time using all of its tools and I think you will too. Give it a try for free at

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Hi, Rigo here from Miami Florida 30+ years as a Carpenter it's awesome I enjoy my trade, I have 3 sons, very proud of them. In October 2019 I started looking around for ways to make an income online. I enjoy affiliate marketing Digital product and service, I learned a lot in my journey, I did jump around in the beginning but always stayed focused on the end goal. We all go through that, trying to figure it out My why, spend time with my family l learn something new every day and apply it, then teach it. I like helping other And one of the things I do every day, Lead Generation, Email Marketing. Always Give value. If you want to know more of what I'm doing right now, reach out Any questions let me know, My story in a nutshell