How To Make Money Online?

Published by Tan Jin Kit — 12-23-2016 12:12:53 AM

Making money online does not need to be complicated.

The easiest way to start making money online is via affiliate marketing. You become an affiliate of a product, you help to sell the product, and you earn commissions by doing so.

However, the best way in doing that is by having a marketing funnel.

With a marketing funnel, you will be collecting the details of your prospect, show them your offer to see if they are interested and if they are interested, they will make a purchase and you make a sale.

In most instances, the sale will not happen in the first encounter but rather on the follow ups. With a good marketing funnel, your prospects will receive properly structured follow-up messages (most commonly via emails) to finally make you a sale.

However, for most new marketers, this seem like a daunting task, from looking for a good affiliate product, to creating pages and a well-oiled sales funnel with letters written with good copywriting skills. Next is to look for good targeted traffic to drive to this sales funnel to finally start making you money.

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