Increase Your Online Earnings with This One Tip

Published by Tan Jin Kit — 01-27-2017 02:01:19 AM

There are so many ways to make money online and every NEW program out there is enticing you to join them with promises that you will make money if you join their program. 

"Watch how a newbie turn $100 into $5000!" or similar phrases will definitely attract people, especially those "I need fast cash without working" people to hop on board, only to find out that they are not able to produce the results they desire. As they continue searching for that "AH-HA" opportunity, they will realize that the people who are making money from every new programs are usually the same people.

Want to know why? It is because they have their own MASSIVE personal email list. I am not talking about hundreds, or thousands, but at least tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands. When there is a new program, all they need to do is to just send an email, receive hundreds to thousands of clicks to their offers, and BOOM! they would definitely make a commission.

However, have you ever asked yourself, how much time and money was put into building that list? How much struggle that one has to go through without consistent cash flow in the beginning? All we always see is the successes of other people, but never the struggle of those successful marketers.

The one tip which will definitely help you increase your earnings is this - FOCUS.

Focus on that one aspect of making money online niche you are in and try to be a master of it. There are various methods to earn money online (affiliate marketing, freelancing, selling own products etc.) but choose one method and stick with it. Determine the best way to go about creating success with it. FOCUS on that method.

For example, if you are in affiliate marketing (and I believe most people who are reading this are involved with it some way or another), the best ways for the long term for success in affiliate marketing is to BUILD YOUR OWN EMAIL LIST

Learn how to use an autoresponder. Learn how to create pages. Learn how to write proper follow up emails. Learn how to maximize conversion rates. Learn how to create a high converting funnel. Learn everything you need today to start building your on email list which will generate front end and back-end sales for you.

Or if you feel that there is too much to learn, join a program where everything is taken care for you from creating high converting landing pages to having high converting sales page with autoresponder letters pre-written for you to be sent to your subscribers for 6 months!

Building your own online business is a form of entrepreneurship. Being an entrepreneur is not about making more money, but putting in twice the effort to build something in order to create freedom of time and money!

FOCUS on building your massive email list. It takes time. You will need to struggle. You will face times when you feel like quitting. But imagine this situation, whenever you send out an email promoting something, you know you will definitely generate commissions. Would you like to be in this situation? If you do, you need to START TAKING ACTION TODAY!

Start creating your dream lifestyle. Hussle and tussle untill you succeed! Gain that financial and time freedom your peers are not able to obtain.

Share your one tip for more success in life and business in the comments below!

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